Dunfermline Weather also supplies data to:

  • CWOP
  • Citizen Weather Observer program APRSWXNET[GM4JJJ]

  • [AT390]

  • Weather Underground

  • Scottish Weather Network

  • UK Metoffice WOW

    The Weather Station

    Observations are made by an automatic weather station that is located near Dunfermline in Fife, at a height above sea level of 61m (200ft), it uses wireless measuring instruments by Oregon Scientific.

    Oregon Scientific Instruments

    Anemometer and direction indicator OS WGR800 (Already had to replace twice, the bearings wear out)

    Temperature and humidity sensor OS THGN801 (Replaced 1X) with Davis Passive Radiation Shield 7714

    Rainfall sensor (with 200mm Funnel) OS PCR800 (Already had to replace once)

    Barometer OS WMR100N

    UV sensor OS UVN800 (Broken and removed from service)

    Data Logger Raspberry Pi Model B with Meteohub software on SD Card

    Data Logging & Processing WMR100N + Meteohub RPi version

    Webcam Now retired - Logitech C270 running fswebcam software on Raspberry Pi

    Temperature sensor shield and rain gauge

    Video of lightning storm July 2009

    Captured on iPhone 3GS